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All artwork is copyright 2006 - 2013 darkpheonixchild
All rights reserved.
I do not allow anyone to use my art for any reason at all. Do not post my art anywhere else at all.

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:


To be updated

Commission FORM

Please make sure you fill out the following commission form before asking for a quote.

Plush Prices:…

Commission Form:

Type: Human, Animal, Chibi, Other.
Character ref and details: Please make sure you can given me a few images of the character your after so I can make sure I get the details right.The more images and views the better, if possible I would like a turn around of the character and no written refs.
Size: The smallest I will take is 10 inches and max at this time 20 inches for animals and humans the smallest is 12 inches, please make sure you give me a size you would like, no size no quotes can be given.
Any specific details you would like: Please make sure you list any and all details you want for the plush like, faux fur not minky for animals, faux fur hair, can the plush hold an item, can the plush have a necklace and so on.
Country: Please make sure you tell me what country your item will be going so I can let you know the price in your currency. Once you get a slot you MUST give me your full address so once your item is finished I can get a shipping quote ASAP. Shipping quotes are given once your item is finished and ready I can not give shipping quotes before they are finished.

~ Quotes are only valid for 3 months, after that you will have to get a re-quote.
~ Please make sure you include clear ref images of the character you would like.
~ Please make sure you include what size, fabric and any other details you would like in the note.
~ No written refs.
~ Quotes are always open.
~ Quotes are only given out via notes never in the comments on plushies or journals.
~If my prices raise just after your given a quote your quote will stay the same till 3 months has passed.
~Quotes never include shipping costs.
~Shipping cost are paid AFTER your plush is finished, never with the cost of the plush as I can not get the price for it till it's finished.



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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Use of my art. Do not re-post my at work what so ever the only people allowed to re-post my plush photos are the people that commissioned them no one else. I should not find my photos and art work on any other website that I don't have an account on.

I do not tolerate people copying my plush patterns anyone doing so will be blocked from my page.

I'm a textile artist from the UK.


Plush commission prices:…

I am an artist from England that love trying out new things and all things art. I started drawing at a young age and my love of art grew over the years.

I love making craft items such as charms, sculptures and new on my list is plushes which I have only been making since August 2011 when I first learned how to sew. I took up plush making as there is so many character I want plushies of that don't have official plushies or are silly prices so making my own is better. I love trying new things so I'm always looking for something interesting I can try and do. I am dyslexic so please pardon my spelling and grammar.

Feel free to call me Fayt.

If you see any of my works listed for sale on any other account please contact me and let me know. I only sell my works from here, my FA account (same name as here) my Ginga board account (same name again) and my ebay account.


Payment plans and pre-mades

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 4:05 AM
  • Listening to: Nier and drakengard 3 OST
 photo FireEmblem_Swords_FB_Cover_zpsa628e13a.jpg

I'm just wanting to clear a few things up about payment plans and holding pre-mades for people and answering a few questions I've gotten in the last few months.

I accept payment plans for items over £100 but each payment must be £50 or over, I need to pay bills so I can't accept payments any smaller and I don't want loads of extra paypal fees to pay. So unless the final payment is under £50 I wont accept any less. If you need to pay using a payment plan you must tell me right away and you must sort out dates of when each payment will be made, the second payment should be made within 3 months of the first payment. No items will be shipped till all payments have been made.

Next when it comes to be holding a pre-made plush I will only hold them for a max of 2 weeks, if payment isn't made within the 2 week the item will be put back on sale. If you do ask me to hold one please make sure you can pay within the 2 weeks, I will not extend the time any more as I make pre-mades to help pay for bills and other things so I can't be waiting months for payment for them if you ask me to hold the item.

Now for the questions. Sorry if a few of them have already been said in a journal before I kinda forgot if any have or if it was I just planned on doing it.


Can you list my plush commission on ebay?

No I will not list a commission on ebay. If I did I would have to list your plush for more to cover the cost of ebays selling fees, unless your okay with that the answer is a no.

I don't have paypal can someone else pay for me?

Yes if you don't have paypal and you have someone you trust who you can give the money to I can send the invoice to them. Just make sure you clear it with them first and make sure they know the details. If the person fails to pay for you I wont be able to take your commission on as no work is started till payments are made.

Can I have my plush shipped to another address?

Yes just let me know when commissioning me. If you move while your commission is being made please update me on your new address or a safe address I can send your commission to.

Can I have mine send to a P.O.Box?

Yes but please keep in mind when sending to a P.O. Box it will not be send with tracked and signed as the post service wont allow me to ship it like that. It will be shipped using tracking only, which will arrive within the same time as a tracked and signed package would.

I want to order something extra to go with my plush now it's started/finished will you do it?

That depends on what the extra is, if it something small like a accessory extra sure I can do that but if it's something large like another full plush it's a no please wait till I re-open for another commission slot.

Can you add me in with your current commission list or place me on a waiting list.

Sorry no, I can't just add new people onto the list as it's not fair on people that missed out on a commission and would like one when I re-open. Same goes for a waiting list I no longer keep one as it means any new person that wants a commission can't get one, I wan tto keep it fair to everyone and this is the best way. Please wait till I re-open.

If you have any questions please ask and I will reply ASAP and add them on my FAQ soon.

 photo FireEmblem_Sunset_FB_Cover_zpsf48d1488.jpg

List of none commissioned plushies in the works and how much done.
Wolf Link 60%
Haku spirited away 60%
Amaterasu 20%
Yuki 20% (not Fruits Basket)
Ame 10%
Ookami (not the game) 20%

Plush Commission Prices
Commission Rules

Commission status

~ Commissions Closed ~

Requests: NEVER but you can make suggestions of plushies I can try.
Commissions: CLOSED
Plush quotes: Always open via NOTES only.

Commission List:

Commission list
Commissions will be worked on in the following order, waiting list peoples ^ will be worked on at the same time as current commissions.

Doberman454 Ginga board Renamon 10 inches OC PAID half 80% body mostly done and embroidery done.

Isomyr FA Karate Kennen from league of legends 10 inches PAID 5%

Okami27 FA Yuki OC 11 inches PAID 1%

On hold
4 foot MLP Twilight sparkle

Finished and Shipping
Plushies will not be shipped till shipping is paid for once it's paid I ship within 1-2 weeks working days unless something comes up in which I will let you know.

:iconaregnant: Rappig Tales of Series Shipping paid. shipped.

:iconlycanexorcist: Ame wolf children 10 inch with sound box. PAID. Shipping paid Getting photos soon

Weed cuddle kins: waiting on payment.

I'm not longer taking a waiting list, I have too many people asking to be on it and it's not letting others get a shot at a commission. So for now I'm not taking one, if you would like a commission please wait till I open and try for a slot then. Doing it this way makes it fair for everyone and gives new watchers a shot at getting something.

What kind of stock do you want to see in my store (pre-mades) 

26 deviants said Wolf children (both dolls from the movie and of the characters)
8 deviants said Pokemon
4 deviants said Animals
3 deviants said Computer game characters (please list and link)
2 deviants said Digimon
2 deviants said Other anime (please list but no humans for now I want to get better first)
1 deviant said Repede plushies (puppy very as well)
1 deviant said Other. (feel free to suggest anything)
No deviants said Something cute
No deviants said Pillows like the Toboe and Kurama


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TheFUSense Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fidget pluuush ^_^
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes Fidget plush is a must make :)
TheFUSense Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hope for a commission spot soon :D
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
If things keep going as they are I should have a few slots open soon C:
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Cerebal Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh, Hello there (: *snugs*
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hi wow it's been ages since I've seen you how are you doing?
Cerebal Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
It's been Fo-eva!

Been Decent ^^ No Complaints.

What about yourself? (: You're Plushes are amazebawls!
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yeah it has.

Good to hear C:

Things have been going great for me now I have a place of my own ^^ Thank you very much c:
sculley611 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! I just took a look at your Repede plush; and just wow. it looks amazing! when commitions (mind my spelling) open once more, id LOVE to consider going into commitions with you!
darkpheonixchild Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
^^ thank you very much, he's still one of my top favs to this day. Aww thank you very much, I look forward to it c:
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