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All artwork is copyright 2006 - 2013 darkpheonixchild
All rights reserved.
I do not allow anyone to use my art for any reason at all. Do not post my art anywhere else at all.

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:


To be updated

Commission FORM

Please make sure you fill out the following commission form before asking for a quote.

Plush Prices:…

Commission Form:

Type: Human, Animal, Chibi, Other.
Character ref and details: Please make sure you can given me a few images of the character your after so I can make sure I get the details right.The more images and views the better, if possible I would like a turn around of the character and no written refs.
Size: The smallest I will take is 10 inches and max at this time 20 inches for animals and humans the smallest is 12 inches, please make sure you give me a size you would like, no size no quotes can be given.
Any specific details you would like: Please make sure you list any and all details you want for the plush like, faux fur not minky for animals, faux fur hair, can the plush hold an item, can the plush have a necklace and so on.
Country: Please make sure you tell me what country your item will be going so I can let you know the price in your currency. Once you get a slot you MUST give me your full address so once your item is finished I can get a shipping quote ASAP. Shipping quotes are given once your item is finished and ready I can not give shipping quotes before they are finished.

~ Quotes are only valid for 3 months, after that you will have to get a re-quote.
~ Please make sure you include clear ref images of the character you would like.
~ Please make sure you include what size, fabric and any other details you would like in the note.
~ No written refs.
~ Quotes are always open.
~ Quotes are only given out via notes never in the comments on plushies or journals.
~If my prices raise just after your given a quote your quote will stay the same till 3 months has passed.
~Quotes never include shipping costs.
~Shipping cost are paid AFTER your plush is finished, never with the cost of the plush as I can not get the price for it till it's finished.




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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United Kingdom
Use of my art. Do not re-post my at work what so ever the only people allowed to re-post my plush photos are the people that commissioned them no one else. I should not find my photos and art work on any other website that I don't have an account on.

I do not tolerate people copying my plush patterns anyone doing so will be blocked from my page.

I'm a textile artist from the UK.


Plush commission prices:…

I am an artist from England that love trying out new things and all things art. I started drawing at a young age and my love of art grew over the years.

I love making craft items such as charms, sculptures and new on my list is plushes which I have only been making since August 2011 when I first learned how to sew. I took up plush making as there is so many character I want plushies of that don't have official plushies or are silly prices so making my own is better. I love trying new things so I'm always looking for something interesting I can try and do. I am dyslexic so please pardon my spelling and grammar.

Feel free to call me Fayt.

If you see any of my works listed for sale on any other account please contact me and let me know. I only sell my works from here, my FA account (same name as here) my Ginga board account (same name again) and my ebay account.


Ill, coms closed, a few things

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 28, 2015, 11:48 AM
  • Listening to: Nier and drakengard 3 OST
 photo FireEmblem_Swords_FB_Cover_zpsa628e13a.jpg

Right now I'm a little ill so I'm having a bit of an annoying time due to that, it's nothing much but it's annoying the heck out of me now. Some may have noticed everything that was on my Etsy store has been removed, I decided not to re-list them once they expired right away. Don't worry they will be re-listed soon, I just wanted to finish some new items I'll have for sale soon and when I list them all old items will be re-listed as well. I have been working on a few things on the side of commissions that I'll be selling soon once I get a few more done. My goal is to have a small box filled before I list them all.


Now that the holidays are pretty much over my extra hours at work will be cut back to my normal hours again. I had to do extra hours at work due to staff leaving and what not, since I'm one of the only ones that will do the extra hours most of it all fell down to me. I'm glad to have my hours put back to normal giving me more time for commissions again as sometimes by the time I came home alls I had time for was food then bed. I've been pretty stressed out due to that and due to people I know in real life asking for plushies all the time.


Since I’ve been getting a high number of people asking yes my commission are closed right now and I'll not be reopening for a good while. I'm so happy to see all the interest in my plush works and I really wish I could take every order on but sadly I can't take any more on or I will over work myself.


While I'm writing this I want to also clear up a few things.


First asking for a quote does not mean you have a slot or that a slot is saved for you (I no longer save slots as it's unfair to new watchers after a commission). It's just simple a quote so you know roughly how much your order will cost you for when I re-open. Once I re-open you sent me your quote to try for a slot I'll then pick what projects I'll take on.


Next I've recently been using the updated invoice system on paypal which now allows for part payments. So here how this will go about. Once you have gotten your slot you will be sent an invoice if you need to pay in parts please tell me before hand to I can set the invoice to have a minimum payment of £50 (sorry no less). The first payment is still due within 2 weeks of commissioning me and the invoice will be dated to that, once first payment has been made you will be sent an invoice update which will now be set to be paid within 2months from the first payment. Failing to pay the second payment within 2 months will end in your commission been cancelled, if this happens please keep in mind £30 of the first payment is NONE REFUNDABLE as I will have used this to buy all I need for your order. I'm having to start being a bit more strict when it come to this sadly. Before the 2 months are up you will be sent reminders with a final reminder sent a week before the invoice end date and a note letting you know your order will be cancelled if no payment is made. Also please keep in mind OC commissions will NOT be started till full payment is made due to the fact I wont be able to sell it on. If you have any problems with payment just contact me so we can talk and sort things out. This isn't pointed at anyone in particular it's just based on what's gone on over the last few years since I started commissions one example is I had someone keeping me waiting for payment for over a year when I first started out and I can't let it happen any more.

I think that's all I needed to clear up.

I hope everyone has a great holiday and have a happy new year.

 photo FireEmblem_Sunset_FB_Cover_zpsf48d1488.jpg

List of none commissioned plushies in the works and how much done.
Wolf Link 60%
Haku spirited away 60%
Amaterasu 20%
Yuki 20% (not Fruits Basket)
Ame 10%
Ookami (not the game) 20%

Plush Commission Prices
Commission Rules

Commission status

~ Commissions Closed ~

Requests: NEVER but you can make suggestions of plushies I can try.
Commissions: CLOSED
Plush quotes: Always open via NOTES only.

Commission List:

Commission list
Commissions will be worked on in the following order, waiting list peoples ^ will be worked on at the same time as current commissions.

Isomyr FA Karate Kennen from league of legends 10 inches PAID 60%

Okami27 FA Yuki OC 11 inches PAID 70% body made and stuffed.

Emergency opening from September

Shadowpelt 13 inch each 3Deee PAID 70% WAITING ON REPLY

Commissions from 30th October opening will not be started till other above are finished. PLEASE NOTE I don't always work in the order listed here.
1 :iconnovaphoenix112: Sierra Legend of Mana PAID (from before) 0% Planning
2 :iconhusky-heart: 10 inch Oc Blu paid 0% pattern scaled to size
3 :iconquantumnightmare: 12 inch Oc Folkvangr PAID 0%
4 :iconenyaadiemus: 8-10 inch Kyoshiro from GDW Chibi. PAID 0% pattern scaled to size
5 FA RedSkyfang 15 inch GB from GDW in my style. PAID 0% pattern scaled to size
6 FA GlassFloors 10 inch Asriel UnderTale PAID 20%

Finished and Shipping
Plushies will not be shipped till shipping is paid for once it's paid I ship within 1-2 weeks working days unless something comes up in which I will let you know.

I'm not longer taking a waiting list, I have too many people asking to be on it and it's not letting others get a shot at a commission. So for now I'm not taking one, if you would like a commission please wait till I open and try for a slot then. Doing it this way makes it fair for everyone and gives new watchers a shot at getting something.


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