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All artwork is copyright 2006 - 2013 darkpheonixchild
All rights reserved.
I do not allow anyone to use my art for any reason at all. Do not post my art anywhere else at all.

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3:.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot:


Commission Information

Plush Prices:…
Commission Information:…

About my plushies.

~All plushies are hand made by me.
~I draft and design all my own patterns by hand.
~I do not share, sell, trade or gift my patterns and embroidery files. Please do not ask.
~All plushies are hand sewn. I put a lot of time , work and care into each plush so the take time making.
~The fabric I use are Minky , luxury faux fur and fleece. The fleece will be less and less used but the option for it use in commission will stay for now.
~Plushies are from a pet free and smoke free home

Quotes information.

~ Quotes are only valid for 3 months, after that you will have to get a re-quote.
~ Please make sure you include clear ref image of the character you would like.
~ Please make sure you include what size, fabric and any other details you would like in the note.
~ No written refs.
~ Quotes are always open.
~ Quotes are only given out Via notes never in the comments on plushies or journals.
~If my prices raise just after your given a quote your quote will stay the same till 3 months has passed.
~Quotes never include shipping costs.
~Always make sure you fill out my commission form when asking for quotes if I'm not given the information listed I can not provide you with a price quote. See below for commission form.

Commission Form:

Type: Human, Animal, Chibi, none Chibi, Pillow pet, other.
Character ref and details: Please make sure you can given me a few images of the character your after so I can make sure I get the details right.The more images and views the better, if possible I would like a turn around of the character and no written refs.
Size: The smallest I will take is 10 inches and max at this time 20 inches for animals and humans the smallest is 12 inches, please make sure you give me a size you would like, no size no quotes can be given.
Fabric: You only need to pick a fabric if your getting an animal plush, but you may also pick them for hair on a human plush as well. Please make sure you say what fabric you would like used on animal plushies from Minky, faux fur and fleece. My default fabric is Minky.
Any specific details you would like: Anything at all, like can I have this detail in paint and not embroidery, can I have it so they can hold a book, can I have faux fur tail or hair and not minky. Don't forget to say if you would like any other embroidery details here.
Address: Please make sure you give me your full name and address when the commission is accepted, if your only getting a quote before I open I only need what country you live. If you don't I can not ship your commission or it may be lost. If you'd rather not give your address just for a quote please tell me the currency you use so I can give you it in yours as well as British pounds, but once you have a slot and have paid I will need your address. If you might be moving within the time the plush is made please let me know via a note. Please make sure you give it me in this format:

House/Street Address:
County/state/ province:
Post/zip code


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Anyone that donates over a 100 point will get a feature on my page.

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United Kingdom


Plush commission prices:…
Commission information:…

I am an artist from England that love trying out new things and all things art. I started drawing at a young age and my love of art grew over the years.

I love making craft items such as charms, sculptures and new on my list is plushes which I have only been making since August 2011 when I first learned how to sew. I took up plush making as there is so many character I want plushies of that don't have official plushies or are silly prices so making my own is better. I love trying new things so I'm always looking for something interesting I can try and do. I am dyslexic so please pardon my spelling and grammar.

Feel free to call me Fayt.

If you see any of my works listed for sale on any other account please contact me and let me know. I only sell my works from here, my FA account (same name as here) my Ginga board account (same name again) and my ebay account.

Number of basic body plush patterns made by me.
Pattern count: 20 different patterns. All patterns made by me and also copyrighted by me and are not for free use.

Embroidery machine update, offline

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 12:39 PM
  • Listening to: Twilight Princess OST
  • Reading: The wolf children Ame and Yuki
  • Watching: The Wolf children
  • Playing: Disgaea D2
  • Eating: Cheese
  • Drinking: pop
 photo FireEmblem_Swords_FB_Cover_zpsa628e13a.jpg

I got good news about my machine the other day the guy came and looked at it. Before he even checked the problem he said it's in great condition and one of the most well cared for ones he's seen and that he was glad to see someone who knows what they are doing with it. He told me how most he looks at aren't cared for right, use the wrong needles or use super cheap thread not meant for it, so he was happy I was doing everything correct with it ^^  

When I looked at it he said it's very good looking and the timing is perfect and the needled was installed right and that the thread is high quality as well. After taking a look he asked me to test it on some scrap fabric so I did, and while it was on he sprayed a little oil in and the design came out perfect. He say he think it just needed a little oil and told me a if anything goes wrong to call him up and he'll nip down and take a look. I've tested after he left and it sound way batter then before he looked at it and I even tested a coloured thread I know snapped on me on the very same design and it worked good. I've since done a few more tests as I want to make sure so I tested both big and small designed but it kept snapping again sadly. So I opened up the top part myself as he never looked at that as he seemed to be sure it would be the bottom (and I don't think he worked on embroidery machines much but still he did a good job) and I noticed a lot of very old thread twisted around one part. So after ages of trying I got it all off and looking at the thread it's been there a while one was even a colour I don't have O.o and it was all frayed as well. So my guess that was the real problem and why it only frayed and never fully snapped half the time.


Today I sat down and used my embroidery machine for a large design I need doing for a plush and it worked perfect. The design takes over 10 mins to get done and no problems what so ever so I'm happy to say it's back in perfect working condition, which means I can finally get some plushies eyes and large details done. At lest the guy only asked £10 for looking at the machine so it didn't cost me a lot which is good as he didn't fix it.


I've also been thinking that I would like to get some pre-made finished off soon as well pretty much I have almost 10 pre-made at around 70% finished as they all just need heads really. So I'll be changing how I work on commission a little which is commissions will be worked on 5-6 days a week and the other 1-2 days off will be for relaxing and working on pre-mades or plushies for myself. Since I only get two days off a week from work one will be used for commission work and the other relaxing and making what I want. I've had a lot of work hours over the last few weeks so I've been using all my free time when not cleaning the house and other house things and that need doing for nothing but commission works. I should have some more finished soon but please don;t rush me I'm working as fast as I can around my job. I'll also be offline a lot of the time still so if you asks for a price quote or send a note about something please keep in mind it may be a good number of days before I can reply.

Well that's it for no have a good day / night.

 photo FireEmblem_Sunset_FB_Cover_zpsf48d1488.jpg

List of none commissioned plushies in the works and how much done.
Wolf Link 60%
Haku spirited away 60%
Amaterasu 20%
Yuki 20% (not Fruits Basket)
Ame 10%
Ookami (not the game) 20%

Plush Commission Prices
Commission Rules



Commission status

~ Commissions Closed ~

Requests: NEVER but you can make suggestions of plushies I can try.
Commissions: CLOSED
Plush quotes: Always open via NOTES only.

Commission List:

:iconsilver-metalwolf13: OC 50% PAID reworking some parts.
:iconyuli-chan: Repede ToV 12 inches PAID. DONE
:iconattackontitanfanatic: Eren Titan AoT 19 inches PAID.
:iconinaliafox: The Wolf children Ame and Yuki: Ame and Ookami (the father) both 10 inches. PAID
:iconbluedreamerr: Kurojaki GNG 13 inches, Wolf link TP 14 inches Ookami (wolf children) 12 inches . Part paid.
Outside DA commissions:
Digsu: Dorumon 15 inches with a faux fur tail. PAID. DONE
Dobie: Wilson GNG faux fur 15 inches. PAID

Waiting list
If you would like to be on my waiting list please sent me a note.
:iconlycanexorcist: Ame wolf children
:iconxxlilmizzinkheartxx: Eren Titan

Mini FAQ

Will you re-make any plush you have done before?
Yes I keep all patterns I've made already. Unless I've said I wont make a plush again all can be re-made easy.

Can I see my commission first before it goes out on DA?
Yes I always show my commissioners their commission first. You paid for it so I feel you should always see them first. Once the commission is finished I will note you the photos that I've uploaded with St.ash and once you have seen them I will upload on DA and any other places I post my plush works.

I need a plush by this date can you do it in less then a month?
Sorry to to that fact I also have a job where I can be given extra hours at any time I can't take rush orders. I ask you do not rush me as rushing will only make your commission not come out as well as it should.

Do you put your logo on your plushies?
Yes and no I've been embroidering a 'logo' of sort on my works for over 8 months now but it's not my logo you see used as my watermark as it would be a bit big. The logo is on the 'tush' tag and card tag places on all my plushies. But there is something done in embroidery on all my plushies showing they are by me.

Can I pay in small parts? like $10 every few weeks?
No sorry I only pay payment plans for plushies over 100,$100. Payment must also be paid in only.

Can you use a different fabric?
That depends on what you want if I an get the kind your after sure but please understand some fabrics cost a lot and the more the fabric cost the more the plush costs.

Can I get more then one commission at a time?
Sure just make sure you fill out my commission form for each plush and sent in a note.

Do you make patches?
Yes I've already made a good number of patched I just haven't uploaded them on DA. I made patched as soon a I got my embroidery machine as my friend wanted some.



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Thanks so much for your fav!
Your plush are amazing :D
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Your most welcome your character is very interesting C:
Thank you very much :3
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Thank you!
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Thank you very much I'm glad you like my works C: aww thanks I look forward to working with you one day.
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